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Mentoring Our Veterans Into Tomorrow (MOVIT) is an initiative founded by Jeri Prophet that provides education and employment opportunities to Veterans and Wounded Warriors as they transition from active duty. With our nation facing record unemployment, we are proud to be able to offer MOVIT as a powerful tool to help maintain the honor of these great national assets.

The branches of MOVIT consist of:

  • MOVIT provides free, monthly Now Hiring Veterans classes for military personnel seeking employment as they transition into the civilian workforce.
  • MOVIT Computers is an IntelĀ® Certified build center located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Proud MOVIT Veterans assembled the computer that you purchase today. These jobs provide a great first stop into the technological workforce and a place for our heroes to put their skills to work.
  • The Wounded Warrior Service Desk provides a variety of services that recently included answering millions of voter registration questions during the last election.
  • is the only job board of its kind that provides NO COST employer and job-seeking services. Created by Prophet and team with the distinct purpose of connecting Veterans and employers, allows those that have served to serve you.

While there are many success stories to be proud of, new opportunities are created with every transitioning Veteran. Five dollars ($5) of every computer sold is donated to the MOVIT program. Volunteers power our program and we encourage you to join us to help ensure that these brave men and women receive the support they need. Want to get involved? Purchase a NUC!